Crocheting for Beginners – Pink Pouf

Crocheting for Beginners – Pink Pouf

Crocheting for beginners and slightly more experienced crafters

Are you looking for stylish furniture to decorate your room, but are still fairly new to crocheting?

You have just stumbled upon a true gem.

The crocheted pouf tastefully complements a cozy interior and adds another seat to the desired room. In our guide, we are using Anchor’s new thin 3 mm macrame cord Crafty Fine.

Can you already imagine what it feels like to sit on it? Download the guide and try it out! While the task may appear challenging at first, it’s actually easy to perform and the pouf is nice and soft to sit on.

All the necessary materials to make the pouf can be found from our retailers. This is crocheting made easy for beginners.

If you finished the pouf with the help of our guide, send us a picture of it at One of the senders will win a yarn of Anchor Crafty in the color of their choice!

Crocheting made easy for beginners

Ringi heegeldamine

Yarn: Anchor Crafty Fine

Article: 4774200-00115

Color shade: 00115

Kogus: 7 skeins (250 g)


Anchor Crafty Fine is produced from 100% recycled textile and plastic waste, which makes the yarn an environmentally friendly and durable material. It is composed of 80% cotton and 20% polyester. Crafty Fine is a 3-ply, structurally soft cord with a diameter of approx. 3 mm. It's perfect for making: flower pot holders, poufs, wall decorations, shopping bags, women’s belts, handbags and summer flip-flops. Put your skills to the test and surprise your friends, too!

Remember that feeling when you first started getting the hang of cycling without the helper wheels?

Check out other crocheting tutorials for beginners and experience that feeling all over again.

Crocheting a pink pouf is a good challenge for beginners. If you manage to successfully overcome it, try making a beautiful colorful crocheted basket for the room.