Crocheted Basket

Crocheting for beginners and experienced crafters

Can’t find a suitable flower pot or basket in the store?

In a basket like that, flowers would not only like to sunbathe, but grow old in it as well.

From our crocheting guide for both beginners and more experienced crafters, you will find instructions that will help you crochet either using a single color or with several different tones. Download the guide and try it!

If you are looking for materials that will make the crocheting process fun, have a look at our retailers.

If you finished the basket using our tutorial, send us a picture of it at One of the senders will win a yarn of Anchor Crafty in the color of their choice!

Vajalikud materjalid


Yarn: Anchor Crafty

Article: 4774000-00108

Color shade: 00108

Quantity: 1 skein (250 g)



Yarn: Anchor Crafty

Article: 4774000-00110

Color shade: 00110

Quantity: 1 skein (250 g)


Technical information:

Anchor Crafty is produced from 100% recycled textile and plastic waste, which makes the yarn an environmentally friendly and durable material. It is composed of 80% cotton and 20% polyester. Crafty is a 3-ply, structurally soft cord with a diameter of approx. 5 mm. Anchor Crafty is very easy to use, making it ideal for quick projects for beginners. In addition to macramé, it is also suitable for knitting and crocheting. Due to the 3-ply structure of the yarn, it can be used to make beautiful fringes for the decoration of macrame creations that are easy to comb and process. Crafty is especially well-suited for home decoration projects such as crochet flower pot holders, wall decorations and keychains. If you have already finished the basket, try crotcheted coasters and crocheted flower pot holders. In our crocheting guides for beginners and more experienced crafters, you will find many crocheting ideas which provide a nice and creative way for you to pass time and decorate your room.